19th July 2020 to 23rd July 2020

Hey Folks! 👩‍💻👨‍💻Learning and Testing yourself is a simultaneous process and we are bringing you an exciting opportunity that you would not want to miss!. Can you guess 🤔 what we have for you next? GirlScript Foundation brings you the GirlScript Summit Learning Contest. A week-long opportunity to learn and test your knowledge by competing with hundreds of students within your technology paving your way to this year's India Summit 2020. Learn some technical knowledge 💻 in this lockdown and earn rewards🎁 . Head to the below 👇🏻 link and know more about the contest!!!!. Register yourself now:

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Learn some technical knowledge 💻 in this lockdown and earn rewards🎁 💻Courses Available:- 1. Data Structures & Algorithm 2. Open CV 3. Graphic Designing 4. Web Designing 5. JavaScript with React 6. Machine Learning

Syllabus & Timetable

Data structures and Algorithms

Day 1.Complexity analysis and linear data structures
Day 2.Searching and sorting algos
Day 3.Basic Recursion
Day 4.Stacks,Queues,linked lists Basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation)
Day 5.Sqrt(n) primality testing Euclid’s Algorithms Divide and Conquer Sieve of Eratosthenes game theory and other basic algos
Day 6.Coding Test (to be conducted on Hackerank)
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Open CV-Python tutorials

Day 1.Introduction to OpenCV and Gui Features in OpenCV Learn how to setup OpenCV-Python on your computer Learn how to display and save images and videos, control mouse events
Day 2.Core Operations and Image Processing in OpenCV learn basic operations on image like pixel editing, geometric transformations, code optimization, some mathematical tools etc learn different image processing functions inside OpenCV
Day 3.Feature Detection and Description and Video Analysis learn about feature detectors and descriptors learn different techniques to work with videos like object tracking etc
Day 4.Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction and Machine Learning learn about camera calibration, stereo imaging etc learn different image processing functions inside OpenCV.
Day 5.Computational Photography and Object Detection learn different computational photography techniques like image denoising etc. learn object detection techniques like face detection etc. OpenCV-Python Bindings
Day 6.MCQ test consisting of 40-50 questions
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Graphic Designing

Day 1.Installation, working out the tools and understanding the layout and UI,Colour Theory
Day 2.Typography,Creativity,Imagination,Basic SKetching
Day 3.Photography,Psychology of clients,Designing Techniques
Day 4.Hands on designing with the mentor
Day 5.Hands on designing with the mentor
Day 6.Design Contest
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Web Designing

Day 1.HTML and CSS(fundamentals , grids and flexbox)
Day 2.JavaScript Fundamentals (variables, data types, functions, conditionals, etc)
Day 3.DOM (Document object model) (Javascript Object Notation) Fetch API (Request/Response/Ajax)
Day 4.Modern JS (ES6) introduction to nodejs
Day 5.A hands on project with the mentor
Day 6.MCQ test consisting of 40-50 questions
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Javascript with React

Day 1.Insatllations and Basic syntax and code understanding,Operators, Array,strings,Mathematics functions
Day 2.BasicDatastructures and Algorithms
Day 3.Introduction Setting up Development Environment Introduction to JSX ReactDOM Rendering Elements Components
Day 4.ReactJS Props PropTypes State in React Lifecycle of Components Implementing State & Lifecycle Importing and Exporting
Day 5.ReactJS – Intermediate Conditional Rendering Lists Keys Transition Group
Day 6.MCQ test consisting of 40-50 questions
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Machine Learning

Day 1.Introduction to Machine Learning Numpy Library Pandas Library
Day 2.Matplotlib Library and Sklearn Library Sklearn Library Linear Regression Logistic Regression
Day 3.Decision Tree and Random Forest Ensemble Techniques
Day 4.Naves Bayes and Support vector machine Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
Day 5.Dimensionality reduction Algorithms Introduction to Deep learning
Day 6.MCQ test consisting of 40-50 questions
Day 7.Guest Mentor talk

Special Prizes

Get all these:

  • Total 18 winners
  • Three winners from each category
  • All Winners get a free Ticket to The India Summit
  • Certificate To Everyone