Girlscript Presents

#Hack For Women

Online Hackathon

19th - 20th September

Win exiting prizes

- Special Prizes to All Girls Team


  • Group of 3-5 Members per team.
  • At least 1 Girl member in each team.
  • It is compulsory to attend all the three rounds of evaluation process For more details read Agenda section.
  • Problem Statement will be given On-Spot.
  • Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.

Past Winners


2019 Winners

Feel At Home

Feel At Home was our take of a social media platform focused on providing a healthy community to people suffering from domestic violence issues. One of the biggest problems that needs to be tackled is the fact that very often people who need help the most hesitate from asking for it. Our goal here was to create a community of people who are truly able to understand and sympathize with each other. The main focus was to help establish trust between these people so that they can start sharing their burden. To facilitate this, several activities would be conducted which would help build stronger relationships between the participants.

2018 Winners

2018 Winners

Live Tracking Shoe

Most of the persons like old age people, pregnant women, labors goes through lot of pain like foot pain, so to reduce the pain or swelling we are here to make a warming shoe. If pregnant woman or old age people goes outside alone and they are not feeling well so their family will get to know exactly where they are by location tracking. Live tracking shoe will contain hot gel. With the help of battery we can manage the temperature of gel so that the person can get relief according to pain and also shoe contain one application i.e. location tracking, so that their family will get to know where they are?